Kidult's Guide to Easy Healthy Juice

Blended juices have turned ultra complicated in the past few years. That's alright when wanting extra value in a takeout drink. But the DIY beverages at home should be easy. Kidults should be able to throw together a treat, ready to get on with other important priorities in the day.

Let's clarify one thing here. I am by no means a nutritionist. I am just a chick with a blender. More importantly, I am a normal time-poor kidult who wants a simple home lifestyle. There must be a way to look after ourselves and still get on with our lives.

A powerful drink can feel fresh even if some ingredients aren't. I keep bottles of long-life lemon juice and orange juice in my fridge. They are ready to mix with fresh fruit or veg any time.

Juice is filling, light and tasty. Extra water helps to blend quicker, and clearly adds more hydration. Ice can be better for texture and summery weather.

Quantities can be guesstimated and made up. The best motto in the kitchen is: if it feels good, do it.

I have two favourite juices at the moment. They are a little bit hipster, but are just so good.

Brighter Than Fanta 


Orange Juice
Lemon Juice

Greener Than Salad 

Kale Leaves
Celery Stalk
Lemon Juice


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