The whole world are recapping their highlights of 2014. It seems everyone had successes to celebrate for the year. That is great. But I don't feel a need to reach milestones in 2014. Instead, 2014 was more like the start of future adventures. It was the beginning of journeys, which could go in any direction. I won't even say it was a means to a specific end. 2014 was about growth.

Creativity was the top priority for 2014. My brain was craving expressive artistic outlets. The right side of my brain was metaphorically falling asleep at the start of the year, and needed to be woken up. I felt inspired by free spirits like Jemima Kirke, Missy Higgins, and Steve Jobs. Part of me desperately wanted to create something. I don't know why it mattered so much. And I don't know what I was supposed to create. There was simply an uncontrollable craving for the creative unknown.

I tried everything this year, in a search to fulfil this inexplicable hunch. I started making web sites, arranging print layouts, blogging about life, illustrating the tangible world, speaking to new audiences, and occasionally returned to my acoustic piano for a raw folk sound. This irrational creative search was completely worth it.

Results varied. Sometimes the search resulted in final happily completed projects. Sometimes the quest showed me some outcomes which were not the right fit. They were important moments which showed me what I don't want. I love loss. Part of me enjoys realising there are better opportunities out there than the ones right in front of me. Other crumbling projects showed me how much I cared about the work, and how much I wanted to put more energy into it next time. There is something beautifully philosophical about loss. I love losing things, as strange as that sounds. Loss gives allows room to gain more.

Here's to exciting new directions during 2015.


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