Purpose and Gratitude

Motivation is the most important thing in this world. People need to want to do anything. Where does anyone find that motivation? Why do we bother with anything? Here are a few ideas. Keep reading until the end.

Love towards the universe 
Victor Frankl was a prisoner in a Nazi camp. He stayed positive. And Oprah is a fan. Victor believes love gives his soul strength. Happiness and success are fleeting. But love can survive anything. I believe love is a broad term for friends or a way to treat anyone. Victor found strength remembering his wife. My idea of love is towards the universe, people, and God. Everyone has something different that motivates them. It should be something they have unconditional sacrificial love for.

Gratitude Journals
Lots of places recommend gratitude journals. Berkeley just happens to be one of them. The idea is to find just a few things, maybe 3, in the day to be grateful for. Jason Marsh, inspired by Emmons, suggested detailed meaningful reflection on a few blessings such as people.

Living for Something  
Not just 'Staying Alive' like the awesome Bee Gees song.
Dostoyevsky brings me back to the old uni classes called Philosophies of Love and Death. Because the two are so interrelated. Now you can find Dostoyevsky on Tumblr. He commented on purpose in Brothers Karamazov, “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”  It's all about existing for something. Not existing for the sake of it.  

These are just a few ideas from a variety of people. A few more  are on their way. What does all this say about motivation? The general consensus in the world is to find something to drive us. For me, it's my piano. I'm grateful for it. I long for the day when I can see it. No matter what else exists in the world, the piano is still there. 


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