Serious Delta Songs

Delta Goodrem connects with all listeners through unique expressive songs. Everyone has different ways of expressing their emotions and opinions. Some act, or write, or shoot pretend guns in a computer game. I use blogging to let all those bottled up ideas just flow onto the screen. 
Delta writes very honest songs for the same reason. It's clear there's a therapeutic benefit for her. But I gain just as much because her lyrics are relatable. It's why I look up to her so much. Delta puts universal experiences into perfect lyrics and melodies. She puts into words what everyone else is feeling. Here are my favourites:  

1. Wish You Were Here  is a slow simple ballad.  
2. Mistaken Identity became my favourite song as a teenager. It's probably because teens and twenties are for figuring out who we are. The piano work in the jazzy live version is amazing. This video is a must-watch.  
3. I'm Not Ready - Lyrics are, "I'll never be ready to say goodbye." Delta's flawless vocal gift is used to tell her personal story. Honesty is everything in music.  

Delta Goodrem really does tell universal stories through her music. And nobody can sing it quite like she can. Bravo. 


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