Sheldon Cooper and Asperger's

Big Bang Theory is the best way to explain Asperger's Syndrome. It is very difficult to describe to people what it is like on a daily basis. What better person is there to demonstrate than our good old friend Sheldon Cooper?

"Knock, knock, knock, Penny" is an obsessive behaviour for Sheldon. Ritualistic routines are classic. Sheldon also makes a 'rule' that it is the right way to knock on a door. Nothing gets in the way of knocking three times.

Sheldon tries his best to figure out the sarcasm. This is difficult because Aspies take things literally. It happens a lot in the show because misinterpretation look funny on TV. Poor Sheldon is trying to figure out if Penny is being sarcastic, or if she really wants to work at the Cheesecake Factory for the rest of her life.

This smart cookie is a visual learner. Pictures and diagrams are great for learning most things. But there's something Aspie about Sheldon's Friendship Algorythm.

Another Aspie trait is at play here - generalised rules about interaction. Aspies work through categories like these friendship rules. Howard suggested they open a booth at Comic Con for it. I'm a bit far away from Comic Con, but there are web sites out there printing the algorythm on t-shirts.

Keep watching Big Bang theory. Notice what strange things Sheldon does. Chances are it will be an Aspie trait. Just remember all Aspies behave differently. Most of us have more social know-how than Mr Cooper.

Check out more Aspie traits in this hilarious video:


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