Junk Food in Moderation

Junk Food in Moderation 

Balancing the Temptations of Junk Food with Healthy Options

Food doesn't have to be an either-or. Image: iStock

I do not feel guilty for eating some junk food. It is all in moderation. I will not turn hipster and live every minute on organic raw produce. Maybe sometimes, but not always.

All respect should be given to those who choose the consciously health conscious route. They have freedom as individuals to enjoy putting time and energy into such lifestyles.

It's just not me. Yes, I do feel joy from so-called "naughty" foods. But it's more than that. I don't want to live my life in a moral dilemma of a "right" and "wrong" of eating. That is so much brain power and consciousness that could be dedicated towards something else.

Some treat foods are alright. Emphasis here is on the word, "some." Part of my daily diet might include occasional sugary treats. But that is occasional fun, part of living life.

By no means do I consume confectionary all the time. Responsible eating is all about balance. A soup and salad might be followed up the next day by a meat pie. What's the harm in that?

It's time to get back to how people ate decades ago. Dinner might have been some meat with steamed or boiled vegetables. Then dessert would be a special treat of small sugary serves afterwards.

How many people counted every calorie half a century ago? Were they all overweight? Did they subscribe to plans for recovery? People simply ate responsibly. Why is that so difficult now?

Sure, society seems less physically active than before. But opportunities exist to change that. I enjoy walking to anything scenic, especially on the coast.

Stores are currently stocked with so called "super foods." They are meant to be special, unlike the old foods which were previously satisfying.  

That is not for me. The odd super food could be interesting, but I will not revolve around it.

My food will be balanced. I will eat what I want. No more, no less.  


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