Don't Feel Bad for Feeling Good

Don't feel bad for feeling good.

Work ethic now carries damaging connotations of guilt. People too often feel guilty if they are not producing something valuable at all times. Of course everyone should contribute towards society when possible. But it doesn't have to be 24/7. 

For basically my whole adult life, I believed I had to achieve something amazing at all times. My achievements didn't have to be world domination. They would have included a good grade in a course, publishing new content, and so on. These in themselves are good things. But it's normal to need a break from everything occasionally. 

'Holidays' don't always allow us to do what we really want. Sure, I love site seeing and exploring on trips. But my idea of a real break is when I can do whatever I want - within reason. My current time off is for doing what I want and don't want. It includes writing what I want, making the web sites I want, helping the community groups I want. There will be all sorts of activities, some of the time. Not all of the time. 

But more importantly, it also involves just stopping and having fun. There is time to walk to the beach, read a book, cook something, even throw out a clutter of old possessions. That de-cluttering is inspiring another post about de-cluttering our lives. A real break isn't a to-do-list. It's an escape from that list. 

I choose to stop feeling guilty for taking some relaxation time. We all deserve it. Nobody can keep full momentum all the time. I have phases where I go full on, constantly working on everything. That fast pace is exhilarating. My mind thrives on the continuous momentum. Then I stop. 

A good break is a comma, not a full stop. It is a small getaway from life, with the intention of returning to that momentum later.  

My whole being changes during serious down time. My body rejuvenates. A spiritual meaning is rediscovered. New creativity is formed amongst meditation and brain storming. Right now, I don't even have nail polish on. My nails can breathe. There is time to notice things that would not have got a glance. This is healing. 

A break can include some activities and preparation for the future. The priority is to balance activity with rest. We all have to rest. We all need it. What comes next is something awesome. 


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