Another lovely Easter!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

The last few days were beautiful moments of Easter. This holiday looks different for everyone. Some work, others play. We can be with family, or with friends. Here's how I enjoyed my break: 

Relaxing with Friends 

Any time with friends really can get us away from the turbulence of life's adventures. I was deeply grateful to enjoy seeing so many friends. There were barbecues, movies, multiple Italian meals, and shared stories. Sometimes family can be the friends you choose.


No long weekend is complete without a trip down the coast with my beloved. An overnight stay was perfect. My iPhone forecasted a rainy Sunday. Yet an eventual sunshine must have been a miracle.


Food preparation feels relaxingly domestic. I don't get the time for proper cooking that often. But there was a moment to get experimental. Many shops were not open on the public holidays. So I really became creative by using whatever was already in the kitchen. 


Many flocked to church for Easter (including the Kardashians), although it's fine if people don't. I enjoyed having a private moment of reflection at a few places of worship. It seemed too personal to blog about. But Jesus Christ needs a mention at Easter time. Religion is something I do revisit, even if it's not everybody's cup of tea. 


It has to be said. Long weekends are the best time to get some shut eye. I actually napped in the afternoons too. We have to look after ourselves. Arianna Huffington advocates for sleep. Great successful people now tell us to get more rest. It can be done much more on the weekends.


Holidays can be really happy. This was definitely my happiest weekend in a long time. So many weekend activities are scientifically proven to contribute towards happiness. They include activity, rest, and laughter. It's a happy time!


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