My Life In Pictures

I am starting a series of blog posts titled, My Life in Pictures. Although recent events are highly newsworthy topics for this blog, there is reminiscent value in further distant events. Let's do the time warp again!

This first picture was taken at the wedding of my father Michael Wilson, and new step mother Linda Wilson (formerly Cuthill). There is a sense of community when suddenly inheriting three four grown-up siblings. There are the three step-brothers who are Linda's sons, and also a step-sister-in-law who is married to one of Linda's sons. My brother's best friend Bec is also in the selfie because a few of our friends are basically like family, living or practically living with us. Family are definitely the people you choose. They are all lovely.

This photo shows the selfie culture Gen Y lives in. My iPhone was out and buzzing for most of the wedding. The photographer managed beautiful formal images. However, we had more control over the memories we recorded ourselves. Dinu thought of the brilliant idea - a creative nature you would expect from a designer who works and poses with The Wiggles. My brother had the freedom to pull a face like the rock star guitarist he is. Bec was happy to photobomb because we love her. I could get the angle of myself I wanted, because I'm a diva like Kim Kardashian. We all did it how we wanted.

The selfie generation is creative and a bit impulsive. We are experimental. We expect freedom to bring value to the world by being our real self-actualised selves. Thanks to the internet and events, we are a highly social generation.

More of my pictures are as social and innovative as this one. My motto is, 'carpe diem.' Girls just wanna have fun.


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