Why I Do Not Like Winter

I have never been a fan of Winter. Some people adore it. I don't see why.

1. Chilly mornings give me the sniffles. My nose is fine my midday. But that icy air mucks up by breathing. What's the answer? Drug ourselves on cold meds every morning? Be that awkward person with the tissues every day? That's not how humanity should start the day.

2. The cold air dries up my hands until they crack. Now Easter is past, I have already packed a bottle of moisturiser in my handbag. It will rescue my skin, ensuring I can greet by shaking hands for friendly greetings without feeling pain.

3. Suddenly cold desserts are sometimes socially unacceptable, or at least eccentric. Nothing beats a sweet gelato scoop as a special treat. That is until friends wonder what's going through my head, eating cold food in cold air. Living on the edge...

4. The warming up process is simply amusing. Everyone disagrees on the ideal heater/air con temperature. One man's cosy is another man's inferno. Then I want to rug up in uggies, cardies, and skivvies. I would look like a tall Eskimo with all the gear on. Sigh. Why couldn't the weather just warm us up instead?

As you can see, I feel passionately against Winter. At least it will be over later...


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