Welcome to 2012 
I have created this blog at the start of 2012 to elaborate on my already-existing online presence. My Twitter account has led a neglected existence since 2007. My phases of tweeting were entirely latest-news-styled statuses. They rarely connected with other people. My Facebook posts kept everybody in the loop. However statuses are brief. They only tell part of the story. They also do not allow for creatively experimental writing. I want one blog to explain the how, why, and what. My interest in photography grew last year. Hopefully I can more visually document the adventures that result from what Mel wants. 

2011 ended with plenty of parties in December after the busy university year ended in November. My grades were 2 credits and 2 passes. Family and friends were my focus when I wasn't studying. It was worth it. Most of the time was somewhat workaholic. But I created a few rules to keep a balanced life. 
1: Always have colourfully painted nails. 
2: See friends every week.  
3: Eat balanced meals regardless of scheduling. 

My blessed social life included Carols in the Domain, Christmas parties, birthdays, and Toastmasters. New friendships were made in entirely new crowds.  
Early January was fairly quiet after a social NYE. My 2012 started with my first solo visit at a NYE party. The single life is exciting. I may not have chosen it, but I am making the most of it. I spent a day playing 'tourist' in the city on Tuesday. My 11 month old iPhone 4 takes beautiful photos. These then come alive with the magic of Instagram. The tear-jerker film War Horse was a sentimental way to pass the time in the CBD.  I got to welcome visitors at Parramatta Toastmasters on Thursday. A few rellies from QLD caught up with the family on Friday. Saturday started with a procrastinated visit to the gym. That night was an action packed hens' party at a restaurant. My old friends feasted on a buffet, watched hula dancers, dropped our jaws at the sight of a fiery baton twirling, and later danced late into the night. A second visit to the gym was squeezed in between preparations for the following 2 trips away.  
I left with my father and brother on Monday around 11 am to casually make our way from Sydney to Lake Macquarie. The old site of Oliver's and the twin Caltex had a water outage during our visit. OHS rules restricted their food sales to anything pre-made. Snubbing that, I got snap-happy on the half hour left before the resort. Somehow we survived waiting an extra hour for lunch. 

A wait for lunch was worth it. The old 'cafe pool', as we have known it for 12 years, is now an Italian restaurant. The pizzas are to die for. Their icy cold margaritas are refreshing and finely blended. What a treat. 

It seems I have coped well with unemployment. I knew December and January would keep busy. There was no point applying for a casual job when 14 days of January are full. There will be just 2 days of Toastmasters and packing before RYLA. That should be a valuable learning experience.  
Plans for February would be nice. But we shall cross that bridge when we reach it. 


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