A new beginning

The last couple of weeks were intense but worth it. I spent 3 days at Lake Macquarie with my father and brother, then 2 days with my grandparents for Western Gourmet Toastmasters, then 8 days at the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.  
2012 has seem a massive psychological change compared to 2011. One message RYLA repeatedly encouraged is a challenge for us to face any fears or phobias. A motivational speaker explained we can fill our lives with adventure if we do not live in fear. That spoke powerfully to me after I had been reserved in 2011. Sure, I was awarded a badge for speaking. But if you asked me to jump off a cliff, I would have just laughed it off! I had got so comfortable limiting my experiences to uni and speaking. 

RYLA took us out of our comfort zones and sent us down a cliff, in the form of abseiling. So what if I was terrified. I did what I could to skillfully shuffle down the cliff, like baby steps towards a daunting goal. An amazingly supportive group of friends actually caught me as  I fell. That moment was a though I had never felt so safe in my life. 

This year has some daunting goals. They may become unfamiliar or familiar, possible or impossible, socialising or isolating, simple or overwhelming, dangerous or safe. It is officially time to apply to graduate jobs. I want to re-learn the creative skills from 5 years ago because they are still part of my identity. There was always time to play my piano - I had just said an unnecessary  'hakuna matata' to abilities that were part of defining 'Mel'. I felt inspired by those who maintained practice of whatever they were interested in. My goals also include more Toastmasters manuals. Now is the best time to develop new leadership skills in an environment that lets us practice, fall, and get back up onto our own two feet again. My gym membership should also be put to good use - my health might even improve from it... I should be driving a lot more this year. It is most important the plans and goals work for the Lord. He purposefully gave me life. How could I take that for granted? RYLA showed me all these  uncertainties can be conquered.  

2011 saw a relaxed amount of balance. 2012 has started with as much ambition as when I was a teenager. The goal this time is to keep the best of both worlds. Surely there is time to socialise, have fun, and learn. 


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