Trending: Body-con Pencil Skirts

Photo: Mel's skirt These figure hugging skirts are everywhere at the moment. In the right outfit, this gutsy apparel can help appear to ooze confidence. Some modern body-con skirts may have a hipster hem. But proper pencil skirts may actually start at the waist. This is supposed to be flattering because it highlights the hips. The problem is that it also then skims right along any middle we might have. We basically need a really flat belly to get away with tucking this skirt in. My suggestion for those wearing the classic pencil skirt in this style is to never tuck your shirt in. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t wear the skirt – it shows off the hips and is more slimming than a flowing A-line. Yesterday I wore this body-con pencil skirt for the first time ever, with a black blouse over the top, not tucked in. This style made me feel a lot more confident. We can also get the same effect by buttoning a jacket over the top. I’m willing to try that in winter, but our weather will be scorching hot this season. Another way is to find a skirt with a peplum frill because it flatteringly flares at the middle. These tricks were used with themed patterns here. By all means, if you have the perfect middle to pull off tucking in the skirt, go ahead. And other styles can flatteringly be tucked in, such as A-line skirts. But play it safe this season with an un-tucked figure-flattering top over your pencil skirt to show off your legs.


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