Food and Discipline

It is time to dramatically change how I live my life. Some dangerous habbits have developed and they must stop. I have been eating anything I wanted for some time now. It wasn't easy to realise I have reached 74.5 kilos. This means I gained 10 kilos in the past few years. It also means I can't actually fit into the dress from this picture above. It's a size 12. This is not ok. This is not a body image issue. I would be happy to be curvy and healthy. But there is nothing healthy about my current habits. I am not saying this to whine, but it is to hold myself to the goals. The public accountability of this blog post will be a motivation to get better.

The change is possible because it has been done before. What was done differently in the past? It's the obvious rules we have been told since childhood. These rules sadly got tossed aside as life became busy.

A couple of years ago, my morning routine included a 5 km walk around the area in 50 minutes. This may not be a challenge for other people, but it was a goal I used to stick to. Then there was too much work in the mornings and too much socialising at night. These days, the gym is a bit of fun for half an hour. I doubt it burns off the lunch of pizza or pie.

There is a lot I need to change before things get worse. No more confort eating. No amount of sugar is actually going to make me feel better. How about every time I'm craving something sugary, I'll blog instead. It can be about anything, not just this. The extra posts will keep you guys entertained. And it will distract me.

Some foods have crept into the daily routine far too much. Anything sugary has to become a 'sometimes' food. It's time to get strict about fizzy drinks. They aren't helping anyone. No more lollies, ice cream, and chocolate. My waist just can't handle it. My lunches can be sandwhiches instead of burgers. That's got to help. The $2 spent on a cheeseburger is not worth the kilos. I believe I can change. But it doesn't just take belief, it also takes action.

Hopefully these actions can be kept in practice. It will take support and will power. But in the words of Donkey from Shrek, "Where there's a will, there's a way. And I've got a way."


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