Second degree

The wise words of our elders in the community keep pointing towards a common theme: continuous learning. What do an a speaker at the UWS graduation & an OAM from Toastmasters have in common? Both people insisted on continuous learning. Many of the jobs 20 or 30 years away do not actually exist yet. In the age of constantly evolving technology, we need to keep up to date with the latest skills. We need to keep learning new valuable ideas to contribute. Keep learning. 

Having recently graduated, it became apparent people never see it as 'the end.' At the end of high school, teachers often told us we would soon be 'free' to never study again. We could go to uni or just go straight into work if we wished. Having been held captive by the world of text books, freedom sounded pretty good. Some of our faces lit up at the thought of never researching ever again. But the reality in the working world does require us to keep learning. 
A recent OAM awardee recently told me women now need to have it all. She was from the time when a young girl would leave school, work for 2 years, and then settle down. This wise woman knew the way to grow a future and a career was to keep learning. She did courses in nations all over the world to gain new perspectives. Her work in the field of nursing gained expertise as her specialties accumulated. There was never a point where she had 'made it.' She would always keep going.
Fellow graduates at the ceremony had one thing in common. There was one topic they all agreed on. Those around me were already talking about their next course. Our degree had been vastly generalised. Even the major had theoretically outlined basics in broad topics. We did not feel we knew everything we needed for our dream careers.   

As a woman, I believe the road ahead is a busy one. Loved ones have to be number one. But we can serve them (and ourselves) by striving for the best career possible. Only then can we provide for each other. 


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