Customs House - Did you know...

Customs House is one of those awesome locations in the city that may get unfairly overlooked. There is so much to do here, it's perfect for a 'tourist' day or a working lunch hour. Just get to Circular Quay Station & it's a block before the water. There are plenty of reasons to check this place out.

The floor on the ground level is anything but ordinary. A miniature model of the Sydney city gives visitors a bird's eye view of all our beautiful landmarks. If you're a new tourist in town, this model will help clearly navigate and give the big picture of this sprawling city. Or if you're a local, see if you can spot your local hangouts in ant-sized form. What a perfect decoration to walk on every day!

A quiet secret library in Customs House is a cosy small home to historical reading rooms and convenient wi fi. Tucked away on levels 1 & 2, this library is barely advertised. So it's got the quiet loungeroom-vibe of a secret un-crowded chill out. Shhh, don't tell everyone...

Of course there are other goodies here, but the other 2 are my faves. The place has a function room, restaurant, & informative displays about Aussie industries. But nothing beats a tiny library in Customs House, that gets more quiet than the State Library. Bravo Sydney!


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