Targeting / tailoring blogs to an audience

Every man (or woman) and the dog has a blog these days, and it's important to educate ourselves about how to master the technology. There are a few tricks of the trade when creating and maintaining a blog. But in time, anyone could rule the blogosphere.

These written web logs have given a voice to everyone who has something to say. Blogs also provide conversation. Posting or commenting on a blog post is an important way, especially on commercial/branded blogs, to prevent bias. Although it is important to participate in others' blogs, our own blogs are just as valuable to create identity or control our own content.

How exactly does one go about creating a blog? As a marketer, my suggestion is to first consider the audience. It is vitally important to write in a way that appeals to the people we hope will read our blogs. Potential employers could Google us (and they are welcome to Google search "Melanie Suzanne Wilson"). There are naturally some private or controversial topics employers just shouldn't see. We all hear about party animals getting Googled and then going out of the running for a new job (sorry Corey Worthington). It is safe to assume anything discriminatory or disrespectful should be left out because a diverse audience could Stumble Upon your blog. Just remember to be nice on your blog and then it's all cool.

With marketing in mind, let's then target the blog towards a more specific audience. Themes or topics are common ways to keep content relevant to particular people. Mamamia and The Conversation are the chick lit of the blogosphere. There's a blog for everything - be it causes, religion, hobbies, you name it. The theme could also be a person - a blog author, celeb, etc (or wannabe celeb...) Focus gives a blog an identity. 

The most important thing when communicating with an audience is to actually have an audience. Blog posts need to be announced on social media so people know the article exists. Otherwise, how can they read it? Facebook and Twitter are the obvious platforms. But folk are flocking like sheep to Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Tumblr, & more. When it comes to readers and references, the more the merrier!

These are the basics in targeting blogs to audiences. There are plenty of technical ways to research target markets & design writing for them. But Rome wasn't built in a day. So get writing, get tweeting, and I'll see you all on the web!


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