Amazing American Show: The Conversation

The Conversation, by Amanda de Cadenet, is a truly inspiring online show/blog I stumbled upon through blog sites. All women should check out what this blog site has to offer. This is no ordinary womens' web site. It's absolutely fabulous.

It includes plenty of lifestyle posts about love, wellbeing, beauty, style, careers, & parents. It's a bit like an online Cosmo, but a lot more realistic & down to earth. These pieces are motivational words of encouragement from lovely ladies who tell it like it is. Embrace new perspectives on these topics from normal writers who have a voice. And of course join the conversation at the end of the blog post. There really is something for everyone.

But this site is much more than a blog. It's also home to hour-long episodes of sincere interviews with famous women who are just like us. Amanda de Cadenet discusses real universal issues that are definitely relevant to all of us in some way.  It turns out Gweneth wants her daughter to form an independent identity. Donna Karan experienced inspirational moments of simultaneous loss and gain. Ivanka Trump choses to be a working mother even if she doesn't need to. If you ever need a motivational boost, curl up on the couch with successful ladies who let nothing stand in the way.   

Let's thank Amanda for giving us exactly what we need all in one site. This chick works really does know what we're all thinking. She just might be the the next Oprah.


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