Missy Higgins is back!

The girl with the whispery alto voice who kept our attention with Scar and On A Clear Night (with the single Steer) is back with a new album. I remember playing her album Scar on repeat during high school as the mood resonated with angsty teens. The last album was out around the time I was finishing school. So it's been a while.

The media kept quiet about this songwriter over the past few years, moving on from the controversy of her love life which surfaced back in 2007. I myself would rather value people by their work instead of by their personal lives. That is such a basic belief based on merit.

Missy had been on a recent hiatus just like Delta Goodrem only reappeared in the past year. They skyrocketed to stardom around the same time, and took breaks around the same time. What are the odds? But it's interesting to see both chicks returning to the music scene. 

 Missy's live performances of Everyone's Waiting show the same sincerity that we saw years ago. A review at SONGLYRICS claimed this song is simply about Missy's music. She needed less pressure and more freedom to be creative when making this album. Previews on iTunes from The Ol' Razzle Dazzle seem fascinating. I haven't heard the entire album yet, but am definitely curious. Will the other songs be as creative as Everyone's Waiting?


For this image & others, visit the Official Missy Higgins web site.


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