Life as a recent graduate

I am making a decision to do something I honestly did not expect to do. I am deciding to do some part-time study at least over the Summer. I will initially use OUA and then maybe do something part-time work with TAFE OTEN. This was an unlikely path because my graduation ceremony was so recent. It was for my Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing). The reason to choose this is because I have not yet found a job in the four months after I finished university. Great experiences were made in that time including ALSF, MYC, an internship at Nad's, continued work in Toastmasters, attendance at a lovely church, and attendance at Rotaract. This shows I have always tried to be doing something because I need to be busy. I am passionate about marketing and really do want a job that could lead to it. So I also tried for admin jobs. My job hunt will definitely continue. Maybe a potential employer will see my blog, see my enthusiasm, and hire me. But I need more to do until then.

One option is to officially learn the difference between advertising and marketing. I did a marketing major, but never an advertising one. People often assume these two are completely the same. But advertising is purely communication, right? It includes a press release, a TV ad, it's the tangible communication around us. My eventual glamorous marketing job could revolve around advertising. But marketing at uni was not just theoretical, it was all about managerial decision making. So marketing includes understanding the behaviour of customers, researching about then, targeting an actually needed product to a specific group, pricing it so this group can afford it, distributing to give access to the product, and communicating so people know about it. Advertising was referred to in my major. But we practiced creating plans, not advertisements. I want to know this difference inside out. Most of all, hopefully I will get more practice practically writing advertising. I don't know if a short course is the right way to do it. But I need to keep busy and trust my instinct.

Another option is to learn more about administration. That might get my foot into the door of administration (maybe). Admin is a popular starting place to then move into other departments in an organisation. These jobs show us how the organisation is run. I have almost a year of experience in administration specifically in insurance. But this may not boost me enough above people who are actually certified in administration. So I could do a unit or two in admin. Once again this may be the right or wrong choice. But I need to do something and trust my gut.

This plan feels safe because it will only be external and maybe later part-time in person. I am still searching for a marketing or admin job with great enthusiasm. I am happy to apply and interview with whoever wants me. My primary goal is to find a job. I'm just doing something else as I simultaneously search for it. We hear all the time of people finding success after initial struggles. That is why I have great hope in the rest of the year. 2012 has been truly rewarding and fulfilling. There will be a path for Melanie Suzanne Wilson.


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