A recent experience reminded me of the unfortunately un-peaceful social environment some people live in. Every single human being is deserving of love and respect. I feel completely crushed when anyone feels scared or intimidated by someone close to them.

Blacktown train station is the area where you're going to find all types - from professionals near the hills, to Cletus the slack jawed yokel. And all of them deserve respect. Today, a petite man publicly yelled at the vertically challenged curvy girl who was presumably his partner. On a screaming rant which continuously went along the lines of, "You effing mumble," I don't know why he bothered with an "I love you." Of course there was the added embarrassment of the nearby public hearing all this. This poor little young lady felt too timid to look up, yet alone speak up against the disgusting behavior she was putting up with. Nobody should be yelled at. Ever. She must feel stuck enough to live her life in this environment of verbal abuse. I wished I could walk up to her and say, "You are capable of greatness. You deserve peace. You can do anything you put your mind and effort to."

What can we do to help these situations? Hopefully this girl will one day read this blog and be reminded how valuable she is. Maybe all we can do is hope (or pray) that our fellow community members can co-exist with respect no matter who they are.


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