The Seekers Golden Jubilee

The Seekers are celebrating a very special time in their lives, and including their fans in the festivities. Dudith Durham, Bruce Woodley, Keith Potger, and Athol Guy have been a band for 50 years. That's right, a Golden Jubilee means 50 years in show biz. Before we have a look at the latest media attention, here's a quick background into the world of Seekers tours.

Judith Durham said on 60 minutes that they really had an easy career. Judith now realises she took for granted the instant TV coverage they received just a day after they arrived in England. Success welcomed the group whenever they wanted it. Judith then chose time off from the group for independence and to find her own identity. But the memory of The Seekers stayed with the public. And hence the later tours.

Judith has continually been able to return to the group with the same support from fans ever since. Their 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee (when I was 4) sparked a decade of performances. They united after that decade for events such as charity and the induction of Rolf Harris into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Andre Rieu was an extra special tour. And now, it's time to see what these Aussie legends are doing for their 50th anniversary tour.

An advertisement on Channel 7 mentioned that the Seekers will be featured on Sunrise on Wednesday to promote their tour. After some extensive Googling, nothing online seems to show us their weekly plans. But trust me, it was on TV.

The site Tone Deaf announces the news in an article. They also tell us 2 new songs have been recorded for the anniversary: In My Life and Silver Threads and Golden Needles. This article also lists tour dates. It's great to see Judith and the boys making headlines again.

There is a Facebook page for The Seekers. This will keep us all up to date on any other official Seekers news. Or join in the conversation. 291 people like the page. Not bad for a band that obviously pre dates social media.

Telinco has a comprehensive site dedicated to The Seekers. The news page is maintained by a fan to accompany the photos and discography. So yes, that includes info about the new tour.

On this very exciting note, here is a video of their most recent interview. And the Facebook page features a photo from the 50 Minutes episode. It's very appropriate to see Ray Martin chatting with The Seekers once more. He interviewed them back in 1993 for their 25th. What better way for Judith, Keith, Athol, and Bruce to share their exciting news.


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