Finding a Calling

There are moments in life when we realise we have found a calling. We discover niche skills that may not have felt like possible paths until the right opportunities are presented. I feel like my current work is an epiphany.  Sometimes a decision can feel like a step back, when it is really just a step in a new direction. After trying to become an administrator in any industry, everyone who met me instantly knew that my heart wasn't in those other industries. I couldn't assist just any industry. People know we have fleeting attention unless we have enthusiasm and passion for the work we choose. It is with great excitement that I am now able to confidently redirect my career towards a specialisation in PR, with general knowledge in marketing and advertising.

My marketing degree was a crucial window into understanding business, marketing, retail, and sociology. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities over those years of work. And graduation differentiates us (although it's not the be all and end all). But this general knowledge leaves me craving specialisation. I feel like one of those interns at the start of Grey's Anatomy before they choose what hospital department to focus on, when they just know a little bit of everything. I feel a great sense of fulfilment from learning what I need.

You see, I enrolled in two units through Open Universities Australia out of interest and as a taster for potential future learning. It was a way to be certain before committing to longer courses. Distance learning is useful because it can be balanced with the rest of life. My preferred potential later courses are only found in other states, and we can thank technology for bridging that geographic gap. Although most universities have 3-year degrees in advertising and PR, I want to do a shorter course for a year or two. This can only be done with specific institutions. I knew all this when I did almost a third of my marketing degree through distance education some years ago. This may not be the ideal mode of learning later down the track, but it suits right now. Further knowledge will only create more doors into the wonderful worlds of marketing and media.

These two units were Principles of Advertising and Introduction to Public Relations. Advertising is important because I want to officially differentiate between marketing and advertising. The worlds of ads & PR are more about communication. I now want to know more about these areas in greater detail than before. Other marketing paths could have included research, sales, etc. But my gut tells me communication and media are the way to go.

All the new theoretical work, despite its great usefulness, is not enough on its own. My ideal path is definitely one of employment in the areas of marketing communications during my further learning. Please remember I have done some work in the industry already. Independence is one obvious reason for the work. But the most important reason to dive into these industries is because I feel more sure about my specific strengths and capabilities than ever before. We always do better when we do what we're good at and what we enjoy. That's why I'm extra keen to work in marketing communications. The future is still uncertain, but this feeling of certainty is completely reassuring.

I still feel truly encouraged by the online community who shares experiences through social media. This blog has been perfect to keep all beloved friends (and new public viewers) in the loop about what's happening. I am just as thankful to know what everyone else is up to through Facebook and Twitter. Whatever the future brings, I look forward to keeping you loyal readers updated on what comes next.


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