Are you a fan of Flickr?

Flickr is one of the most popular sites used to put entire photo albums online. There are galleries within a photo stream to organise the pics. A paid subscription will allow you to watch stats of the popularity of your pictures. This is definitely useful for major brands, but I'll stay with the free version because it provides what I need.

You can even create a customised alias, also known as the URL address. Simply go into account settings and change it. Flickr only lets you do this once. This is important because the address helps to form your online identity.

Although there is very little editing of photos, some settings add a bit extra to each picture. The site automatically adds a copyright sign to protect your intellectual property. We can choose who sees the pictures in case we want tighter security. Titles and descriptions explain more context to audiences. Categories like 'favourites' further organise the photos. Oh how times have changed since printed photos were stuck into big heavy albums.

Have a look at Flickr and maybe even sign up. Facebook accounts can be used to sign up, so you don't have the fuss of providing details. And definitely have a look at my pictures here.


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