A Line Skirts

A-line skirts are a classic no matter what other styles are temporarily in trend. They're one of the most flattering versatile ways to pretty up an outfit. A simple black or coloured a-line is great for work, parties, anything. So let's see what the most popular sites can tell us about these pretty hems:
  • Vogue used a silky short a-line to demo perfect prints here.  
  • Shop Til You Drop used a coloured metallic mini a-line with their party looks here.  
  • Harper's Bazaar needed a-lines in their gallery of pleats here

 No matter what other skirt is dominating the runway, there is always a niche market trend for those beautifully shaped skirts. This Blumarine fashion show is on the Fashion TV channel on Youtube. It proves that amongst the other seasonal trends, you will still find some awesome a-lines.


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