How to create Like and Send buttons from Facebook

Like buttons are really important so that your readers who use Facebook can share your post with their friends. It also helps you to share the post with your Facebook friends. Of course this can be a significant audience. No matter what your site is, you can follow my easy steps to get a "Like" button. Examples are from a recent blog post I made. Although examples here are with Blogger, the process should be similar on other blogging sites. 

1. Get the URL of the page. You might be able to guess the URL. But I like to publish the post, to be able to see the address, and then go back to editing.

2. Click here  to get the web site for Like buttons. Copy and paste the address into the "URL to Like" bar.

3.  Choose a font for the button. This choice is completely arbitrary.

4.  Click the button that says, "Get Code." The text that appears now might be confusing to first timers (like I was not that long ago). But all you have to do next is copy-and-paste.

5.  You need to copy one section and we will go back for the other section later.

6.  Your blog should have a "HTML" button like Blogger does. This shows us a text version of all the pictures and videos and buttons and stuff. So just paste the code text into the post or page where you want the button to go.

7.  Go back to that Facebook page to copy and paste the second half of the text.

8.   The post will look a bit like this in the HTML version. Don't worry, you won't see all the funny looking text when it is published.

9. Click "Publish" or "Update" on the post. If you're on Blogger, this will appear. If not, you might get redirected to the awesome published post.  

10.  View your blog post or web site page, see the end result, admire your handiwork, and be the first to "Like" and "Send" your post. You can have this published on your timeline (on your Facebook profile) and add a comment.

Those simple steps are all you need to get Facebook buttons and share your page on the popular social media site. Feel free to browse the Categories tab of my blog What Mel Wants for more blog posts on various topics.


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