Why use hair mousse?


I'm rather new to hair mousse, and thought I would introduce it to those of you who are still discovering it. So here are some questions and web sites that answer these questions:
1. What should I do to my hair before using mousse? Garnier prefer to use it on wet hair. So if you already used the hairdryer or don't have time to wash your hair, just use a spray bottle so it's damp enough.
2. What will the stuff do to my hair? Herbal Essences tell us this foam puts the bounce back into hair.
3. How much mousse should I use at once? Hair Boutique want us to only use a blob of the goop that's the size of a golf ball. There's no point wasting excess stuff that won't add any value to DIY treatment. 
4. What is the purpose of mousse? A consensus of blogs and sites agree that curls or at least wavy or voluminous shape will develop from mousse.


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