Where the bloody hell is Lara Bingle?

Lara deserves brownie points for being everywhere. Any intellectual angles about her work need to be put aside for a happy acceptance of this girl who appears to be trying really hard.

Her show Being Lara Bingle was always simply about atttention. It's not about fancy plot lines or acting. The possible aims are to get noticed, be liked, and grow her career. I feel a great amount of empathy for Lara having realised where she is coming from. It's not about being the best at everything. Lara appears to have ambitious hopes to do the best she can through the most possible opportunities. Why disagree with that?

I still remember when the famous Aussie campaign came out and Lara asked the world, "Where the bloody hell are you?" Even then her messages were not fully culturally transferrable as people had mixed feelings about the controversial line. But there were definitely good intentions at heart.

The more the critics tried to convince us to abandon this enthusiastic media participant, the more I couldn't help but identify with her hunger for participation and unbiased story telling. Let's give the kid a break and let her try everything. Here's a funny video from Nova on Youtube:


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