App Addicts Anonymous

Blogosphere, I have a confession to make. I was once addicted to apps. The gadgets have became filled to the brim with pretty programs that I will probably never use. This addiction died down a long time ago. But the consequences are still with me today.

It started with the thrill of knowing an iPhone could be so much more than a telephone, if only I download these apps. There just happened to be fifty of them. The phone survived ok, or so I thought. But the more I kept every single photo and free book, and 3000 emails, suddenly I can't just add a movie whenever a new one appears. Suddenly I couldn't keep hundreds of e-books I never actually read. What's going on? What started as a telephone has been a little gadget expected to hold a lifetime supply of entertainment. And it isn't working.

Then things got worse. The iPad suffered from the same filled-up overflow of apps that the iPhone was constrained by. Reality only kicked in when  a movie couldn't just be stored in the iPad like everything else is. Who would have thought a tiny tablet can't contain our entire lives?

It's time to take control of my digital life. Maybe you haven't sufferent from app addiction yet. But for those out there who are constrained by topped up tech space, I feel your pain. The first step is admitting we have a problem. From now on, I will delete things I'm not using. I will allow space for new things to be added. I will never over indulge in gadget gluttony ever again. There is always hope for a more responsible future.


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