Obsessive Compulsive Editing

I have found myself slightly overtaken lately by a need to edit. Again. And again. You see, I always want to find the balance between what I think and what people want to hear. That's definitely not easy when evaluating or commenting on pretty much anything.

The luxury of blogging is that it's easy to change writing after it's published. Who knows if that's right or not. I could keep the post as a draft for just that little bit longer and re-read it again. And again. But I'm never at the point where I feel it is deemed fit for public consumption. So sometimes I click publish and just feel the urge to polish an already published post.

Most of us do similar internal editing when working on almost anything. We wonder what we could have done differently. We evaluate and critique our own work so much more than anyone else would.

So whatever I throw something out into the blogosphere, it's a way to observe a wonderful flawed world with as much balance as possible. There will always be more positivity or more constructive criticism that could be added to anything I write. More of anything at all to write.

But I am trying to practice something you should try as well: part with the end result of your work and release it out into the world and hope for the best. Of course we should use careful reasonable common sense. But there is a stage where we have done all we can do. It's like our work is in the water - it could sink or swim. There is only one way to find out. Take a dive.


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