The world wants Brittany instead of Daria

The world wants Brittany instead of Daria. I am not talking about anyone with the last name Spears. No, this is about a beloved TV show from our nice friends at MTV. Daria was a quiet intelligent introvert who told it how it was. That's something I can relate to. I feel the need to be politely honest because it allows for understanding. Daria definitely used her intellect for virtue. But Brittany had something to offer too. 

Daria is a well meaning individual. She talks calmly with thought behind every word. Her views can be summed up in her graduation speech. But her perspective was seen most when she told a crowd, "There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life, that can't be improved with pizza". But she spent most of her time keeping to her self. This may have felt comfortable, but we can relate to people better when outside of our comfort zones. When chatty.

That's where Brittany came in. I haven't watched the show in quite a while. The memory of Britney is one of slight cluenessness. She came up with some lines that would make everyone giggle. This character was definitely a stereotype. There is no denying it. But she gets talking with absolutely anyone, and puts on an enthusiastic voice. I can only step back and admire her energy. I only know how to be a Daria. 

The world wants enthusiasm and giggles. Maybe they want a cross between Daria's brain and Brittany's smile. But no matter how good we are at something, attitude seems to matter most. This is a difficult task for a few reasons. 1: We're not cartoon characters. 2: As humans, our patience wares out. 3: Some of us can't help but tell it how it is. So the answer is balance. Give the world the smiles and giggles they want. But keep Daria's realistic perspective at the same time.

Video: Daria Quotes
Video: Brittany Shows Daria How To Talk


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