Permanent Work

It is time to let you nice readers know that, indeed, I am once again looking for permanent work. And the most I can do is keep looking and blog about it. I am willing to do any job. But my qualifications are in something very competitive - marketing. I would happily do something else. Does it mean giving up on the dream? Maybe not. Maybe it's just putting the dream on hold.

Last year was a mish mash of projects. I studied to finish one course mid year. After 4 months away from study, I was ready for a new course. It's a great way to feel challenged. 

I had got a very basic marketing job in March. But the stuff they wanted was more specifically PR and advertising. People assume that at uni we just create beautiful print advertisements and do SEO. We really don't. Uni marketing was theoretical and strategic, focusing on consumers' wants. These people during uni were nice, but expected skills that I didn't have and nobody could teach. I wasn't ready for it. So now I'm studying those areas as the 'implementation' and promotional side. 

Somehow I also ended up in a financial company. I would definitely work in fiance again if that is where I end up. But it's not the long term goal. 5 of us were temporary casuals, getting a few days here and there for a couple of months. Then someone told me all of us were being let go at once. We will never know the whole story behind it. But I need to trust that they really just didn't have the budget to suddenly keep all these temps. I was thankful for the opportunity at the time.   

I will always be thankful for the weeks I spent doing work experience with an amazing marketing team. They taught me so much. Those skills can then be transferred to somewhere else. I do wish I was still at that place. But they also seemed to just want an 'expert' instead of a newbie. Some things just aren't meant to be.

Those are just a couple of adventures I had last year. A lot of people reach their early twenties and expect to instantly find a full time dream job. Sometimes that happens. But the rest of us just have to put ourselves out there and try anything. I needed to blog about this because it keeps things in perspective. God surely has a plan. There is a reason He sent me to so many different work places in the past year. It crammed a variety of experiences into a short amount of time. Some of them were far beyond the skills I had. But I continue learning every day. It has only been about a month since the last temp work. I believe it will all work out and the right opportunity will come along. And then I will live happily ever after. 


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