Youtube Videos on Asperger's

Youtube provides an abundance of videos about Asperger's. The best ones are real-life stories, often autobiographical. The experts know theory behind it, but first-hand experience gives perspective.

Wendy Lampen studied Asperger's after she was diagnosed with it. She compares her brain to a sponge. It soaks up stimulus in surroundings. Visual memories become associated with everything. It's a mental mind map. Wendy considers the visualisation as an advantage. Her talk is theoretical but personal. Check out this recording from TED Talks.

A short documentary was made about Dave. My favourite quote is, "you don't really feel familiarity..."  When talking to new people, there is no context or guiding background to talk about. Click here for Youtube.

Screencast Spotlight compares Asperger's to Spiderman's power. They see the Aspie visual tendency as creative. It is presented as a blessing, not a curse. See Michael Tolleson's story here.

It is great to see Samantha Craft created a video about chicks with Asperger's. Girls don't show the signs of it as much, because they might 'put on an act.'So it's great when Aspie girls talk about it like here.

These are just some of the many accounts people tell of life with Asperger's. It's always fun to discover new ways of seeing the world. Definitely spend half an hour watching these.


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