Blogs I'm Reading

I have stumbled upon some philosophical blogs that are simply psychologically healthy. They share ideas on balanced life and positive thinking. My religious beliefs are very different to some from the blogs. That's ok. The neutral posts will benefit people of any belief system.

1.      Eco-istas is environmentally friendly. There's some Californian consumption. And the recipes look simple and easy. Nothing beats a healthy dinner idea. Greek Salad looks yummy.  
2.      Your Zen Life is more neutral than the religious-sounding name. It was created by Pheobe Tonkin & Teresa Palmer. I'm Christian, & got something out of it. You can find plenty of posts about health and happiness here. Lauren Rose Burke writes about time-off in the post Creating Time for Yourself Each Day.   
3.      Oprah introduces a variety of people who want to improve life. Some writers here have neutral practical advice. Leigh Newman has tips for The Tired Overcommitted Woman's Guide to Happiness. Good stuff.
4.      In the spirit of philosophical talk, it's time to check out the Sydney Anglicans blog site. There's some positive stuff. David Mansfield wrote a witty post, The Mother of All Oxymorons. And what is it? Commonwealth. He wants the poor to have more. That’s a universal ideal anyone can support. 


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