Prescription: Shoes

I don't normally blog about going to the doctor, but this affects anyone who wears shoes. One of my feet had been tolerably but definitely painful whenever I walked. Having put up with it for a few days, it was time to figure this out. Of course it was not broken because people can't cope walking on a broken bone. The answer: my shoes were too flat.

Us flat-wearing heel-avoiding types get all high and mighty about our sensible soles. But the latest trendy plastic flats are no better. They come in cute colours and can be 5 bucks during a sale. But costs are cut too far. Our feet apparently need a bit of support. A bit of distance from the ground. I was a victim to those discounted foot-hugging slipper-like creations. The sole would erode until there is nothing left. The answer is support. It sounds like a philosophical pun, but that is really how it worked.

What was the prescription from the doctor? The answer to stop suffering in silence? A store which sells flip flops for $100. Sorry. I know she means well. But I happen to be right about one thing: there is always a bargain option. And there was, elsewhere.

The moral of the story here is to look around amongst the bargains for supportive soles that will never have an eroding foundation. Health is not just about what we eat - it's how we look after ourselves.


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