Ego boosts and celebs without makeup

Do you ever google search "celebrities without makeup?" Or maybe you find a page about them in a tabloid magazine on a waiting room table. I stumbled upon some videos of untouched famous faces on Youtube. These photos are comforting reminders that they are just like us. The only difference is they have some extra media attention. 

I used to wonder how winter woollies seem to pile upon our outfits in a way that never happens in the magazines. They visually add a kilo that we don't actually have. Darn baggy jumpers. But this model looks just like most of us did last winter. She's rugged up in what feels like wearable blankies. And that's perfectly fine.

Now, I know very little about these Kardashian girls. All I know is they sell a whole lotta stuff by swapping the first letter of things with a "K." Still, this picture will boost the mood of any girl who wears thick layers of makeup to the gym. Because Khloe doesn't bother with all that. She is fine just the way she is.

This site says some of these public personalities can look perfectly presentable without a makeup artist or Photoshop. I agree because we can look great without all that too. Most of these pictures aren't really that bad. As fun as it is to giggle at their spotty skin and fluffy hair in photos for our own ego-boosts, we can also remember that stuff doesn't actually matter anyway. These celebrities actually look ok. And so do we.


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