Buzzing away from coffee addictions

The American Cancer Society has a bit to answer for. Apparently, 4 cups of coffee will keep the doctor (and cancer and death) away. Seriously? We can't do anything we like just because it's (quote quote) healthy.

I feel hyped enough after one cuppa. Some people indulge in a second, and feel just a little bit guilty. But four? No self-respecting caffeinated coffeeholic would reach that level every single day. Life is not a video game. You don't win points for consuming a many of these as possible.

The newspapers probably tell us about these wild experiments for a few reasons besides us taking the ideas seriously. They're either trying to fill up the page, or the researchers themselves are pushing for media coverage to get their organisations' names out there. I don't mind both those strategies most of the time. And the public has a right to know pretty much anything these days. Just take the ideas from these health nuts with a grain of salt.


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