The mob has spoken: toss away the guns.

The recent shooting of the American elementary school kids is the most publicised disaster in a while. And it is yet another political nudge towards stricter gun laws. The affect of shootings has came to our attention in plenty of TV shows, proving the media is against reckless use of guns. What worries me is that a lot of people are claiming leadership have cried wolf. Obama promised a 'conversation' after the last shooting. And people expected more than what conversation is - talk. But at least dialogue is a start.

The whole world is mourning for these children. And the Democrats are there to comfort them. We constantly hear about Obama's tweets, speeches, and visits. He is not just representing the country - he is of course a voice for the Democrats. But Republicans need to put aside their beliefs about gun laws and appeal to the emotion of the people. It is the only way for them to stop fading into the background. They need to show sympathy.

Constant global coverage of the massacre pushes an anti-gun agenda in the media, convincing us on a more subconscious level than a presidential campaign. And rightly so.

What happened recently is mind-boggling. They say the shooter killed everyone in one classroom, then did the same in the next classroom. These children were targeted simply for being at school.

Shooters so often do not get the punishment they deserve because they so often kill themselves to avoid life in prison. The most disgusting part is their avoidance of consequences. They would never answer to the families involved. They would not answer to the public or the world. It's times like these I am glad they will be judged by God.

American TV shows have repeatedly showed us the destruction caused by killings. They are testimonies to public opinion. The creators are more people backing the cause against guns.

On Buffy, we watched Willow grieve the shooting of Tara. The finality of a tiny piece of metal felt more real than fantasy monsters. Willow's own spiral of revenge changed her as a person, reminding us that two wrongs don't make a right. This was Joss Whedon's way of speaking out against the presence of guns. A show which revolved around killing supernatural enemies was wise to step out of the fantasy world and use the story to speak out against the horrible realities of shootings.

Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy experienced the same feelings during a very similar shooting to the ones in US schools. We saw the helplessness, desperation, confusion, injustice. Meredith Grey was just like those families who are left behind. She begged and bargained. She would have done anything to keep what was precious to her. Life. Love. The mass media has spoken about guns. They don't want them.

My first exposure to the latest news was statuses on Facebook from high profile celebrities who are using their voices to get the message heard. The Veronicas, Britney Spears, and Carole King all told the world how they felt. These public figures, and others, are using the one thing they have that could hopefully influence the politicians and laws. They have their fans agreeing with them on social media. They have their attention. Their voices are all they can use.

The more people speak up about their opposition to guns, hopefully one day American politicians will listen. Democracy would ideally win at the end of the day. We can hope. And maybe one day American students will feel safe in schools.


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