Busting myths about Blacktown

A taxi driver recently told me some rumours, about Blacktown, which are pretty distant from the truth.

I was chatting with this cab driver at about 9 at night when he warned me of what had happened just a 2 hours earlier. A group of supposedly "junkie" girls had robbed a couple at the bus area. This unsuspecting couple were visiting the area and were probably a bit more trusting (until then) of little school girls. Although other families in the area are trustworthy, these messed up girls clearly were not as innocent as you would expect. I believe this much of the story. But it had led to wild speculation that's more distant from the truth.

The driver believed that robberies and other crimes go unnoticed in the area. He heard rumors that the police generally avoid intervening in Blacktown because it would officially make the area look worse. If the cops stepped in, they would have to make records about the dilemma and the location. So the statistics would rise. And then house prices would plummet. And all hell would break loose.

What a massive misperception about the Blacktown area. There are lovely suburbs near Blacktown that look as normal as Modern Family. Others have been neglected. Both types of areas, of course, have a mix of all types of people with all types of consciences. Any insider will tell you the police do their very best to keep an eye on the wild teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks. It's always disappointing when someone tries to cause trouble at the train station or anywhere else. But it's not constant. And those in charge really do everything they can to help.


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