All colours of life at Christmas time

We need to remember those who are facing dilemas during Christmas time. I am one of the lucky ones who had things fall into place recently. But we're not always that lucky. 

It wasn't always smooth sailing this year. A beloved school friend left this world very unexpectedly. A lot of us will still be feeling the shock since that lovely person is no longer with us. The world is experiencing a similar feeling after the loss of children at Sandy Hook Elementary. Please remember those friends around you who are in a similar boat. Check on them. 

Please think most about those in even more desperate need. Amongst all the Apple products we crave, it's important to consider those in developing countries who don't have running water. Programs at this time of year provide toys for children in developing countries,  cans of food for the local needy, and a whole lot more. Maybe now is the right time to sponsor a child for a dollar per day. Or give someone a gift card that says a village will receive a goat on that person's behalf. Christmas is an important time to be charitable. 

There are so many worries that do not go away at Christmas time. There may not be a lot we can do, maybe a hug or a greeting on Facebook. We live in uncertain economic times. A lot happens in a year that distracts people from the joy of Christmas. Let's keep the Christmas spirit alive with fun, friends, family, and festivity. 


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