Type A and Type B Personalities

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I recently discovered types A & B personalities from at an unusual place. I was flicking through Reese Witherspoon's Wikipedia page. You see, Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon was called "Little Type A" as a kid. But what does that even mean? Well, the result is her multi-tasking genius.

Type A peeps are those who always want to be doing something constructive. Constantly. They're the workaholics of the world. What matters most is creating something big. These busy bees are known to over-commit by saying yes to almost everything. This sort of schedule requires super-organised habits.

People under this category stand out not because they're 'better' but because a lot of the work they do could be more public. Reese kept busy over the years by acting, modelling, producing... She wanted to do everything. I can sort of relate to that. I can't do the same thing for too long at once, so I need a variety of roles or tasks in my life. I now need to find balance between the blogging to express myself, the casual job that makes a living, and the study that grows my skills. There's a great balance when wanting to do everything. You probably know someone who is as busy as Reese too. We want to multitask and always want more to do.  

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to do everything though. That's where type B is a perfectly valid alternative. This chilled-out crowd could be domestic goddesses or Home Improvement wannabes. Their ideal time might involve curling up at home or hanging with a few mates. They're just as capable as type 'A's, but work isn't a #1 priority for them.

MSNBC has a hilarious take on what happens when A and B types pair up. Two A-type go-getters together would become a strong 'power couple' or both achieve a lot together. They told us that driven type A with a relaxed domestic type B would be ok - if the worker is happy for the other to be a house-wife/hubby. The contrasting values balance each other out. They also figured two type Bs together would focus more on family and home than on careers. You can probably think of couples you know who fit into all these boxes. 

Both types are perfectly fine. One is not better than the other. They're just different. We fit into both at one point or another in our lives. But are you more often an A or a B? And what affect does it have on your life?  


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