HIMYM characters teach great lessons

How I Met Your Mother hosted the perfect group of diverse friends. Each mate gives a moral to the story. We want to be all of them and none of them all at the same time. Every character could be you or me. That is why they are awesome.

Ted stays optimistic amongst all odds

Ted Mosby is optimistic over so many years. He has a goal and sticks to it. Very rarely does he doubt the possibility of finding the one. Plenty of twenty somethings end up disheartened at least for a little while. Gen Y got particularly stuck somewhere between the Global Financial Crisis and User Generated Content. We are finding our way. Ted reminds us to keep chasing our goals.

Lily is tough and nice at the same time

Alyson Hannigan stayed a superhero in this series. This show has a much lighter style to the seriousness of Willow from Buffy, where Hannigan shone. Lily keeps the group in line when they get silly. This character is more sure of her self, and breathes calmly amongst the strangest situations. She has the most non-threatening 'don't mess with me' face at times. It's more comedic than 'evil Willow' from Buffy. But she's still got that balance between realistic and wild. We need to be gentle with tough love at times. Lily shows us how.

Barney is what many of us inwardly high five

Barney Stinson is the most absurd character in the group. Yet we still adore his crazy confidence. He's the prodigal son we just have to forgive, often explained by his background and personality. He's simply legen-wait-for-it-dary. We can also point and laugh safely at Barney's wild adventures. He wants us to laugh. He's asking for it. The confidence is admirable.

Marshall looks settled down

Marshall Eriksen looks conventional on the outside. But nobody really has everything under control. And we are reminded of that with this character. He studied and worked for years to become an environmental lawyer. Yet even the most good-intentioned individual sells out for the corporates at times. He spent time with Barney's evil company. And it's ok. It's not forever. He seems to always be the tallest in a crowd, until standing next to his vertically blessed family. Every blessing has challenges below the surface. It's how we handle those hurdles that matters.

The characters in How I Met Your Mother are timeless relatable individuals. All of them teach us a lesson and brighten up our lives. They're legendary.


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