Christmas Celebrations

I love Christmas celebrations. They are really delightful. Some are with people we normally see anyway, but it feels different.

I enjoy reminding myself of the beliefs I grew up with. And everyone gets to have a warm and fuzzy festive time. Most of us put our differences aside to enjoy a unifying holiday.

The 'traditional' cultural bits of Christmas are as fun as my beloved religious side.

These days, it's the only time I eat a a roast dinner. I'm a busy modern individual with very basic cooking abilities. And when it just never gets chosen when I eat out. I just always prefer something less traditional.

But we always get back to the good old 50s style roast at Christmas time. There's always a way. Even if nobody can cook on a particular year, we still find a buffet somewhere to feast on the classic.

The decorations are equally beautiful. I don't normally put a lot of thought into interior design. Aesthetics are the last thing on my mind when I'm lucky to keep a tidy floor. But Christmas time is when we almost have to get a few pretty things into the place.

I enjoyed getting setting up a little mini Christmas tree this year. It was the perfect size for an apartment. A small loop of lights zig zags around the tree in an adorable glow. This decoration is perfect for my current phase of life.

Last year's decoration was equally simple and pretty. A pink plastic wreath hung from my door knob in my shoebox, back when I was alone. It was a bright shiny item from Daiso. I knew it was time for more. I couldn't be more glad when my life had room for an entire miniature tree a year later.

Who knows what the Christmas decorations will be in the future. Whatever they will be, they will reflect the warm welcoming life that I am creating.


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