Joy the Movie is a Must See

The film Joy is definitely the first film people should see after they finish watching Star Wars this December. Jennifer Lawrence plays a female inventor in the real story about Joy Mangano. This is more than an inspirational tale. It shows possibilities and lessons which any creative individual may encounter. Joy can teach entrepreneurs what they need to know. The film encourages anyone, entrepreneurial or otherwise, to be innovative go with their instincts.  

Joy Mangano was the classic 'rags to riches' transformation when she invented the Miracle Mop. She initially advertised and sold the product through infomercials on television. Some of the TVCs are still available on Youtube, like this one from 1996. 

Jennifer Lawrence is her usual beautiful sincere self in the role. J-Law is known for speaking her mind in actual life. So a strong female character is right up her alley. She brings out the humble determination which Joy would have originally displayed. 

Joy Mangano is glamorous enough, she could have played herself in the movie. She has been speaking about her products in infomercials for decades. Joy looked absolutely stunning at the premiere. Star Shop interviewed Joy on the red carpet. 

Joy should be seen by every creative person, and people who enjoyed creating things at some time in their lives. Joy Mangano is the person I wish I knew about years go. 


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