Real Rob Rocks Netflix

Rob Schneider documented his own life and shared the tales on Netflix. Reviews were mixed and divided for this quirky comedian's style of semi-autobiographical series. But Real Rob is as authentic as necessary, as Schneider definitely did this project on his own terms.
The official Rob Schneider web site says, “Schneider is the first actor to have written, produced, starred, directed and self-financed an entire season of a television show.” This is real.  

The 52 year old has had a colourful life over the years, creating comedic films after getting started on Saturday Night Live. His career has been matched by an equally eventful 

He has a grown-up daughter in from a previous marriage, 26 year old musician Elle King (born 3rd July 1989 - same date as this blogger). However, the actors/characters/stars of the series are his current wife and youngest daughter. 

Real Rob is about the everyday life of Schneider's current young family. Schneider is now married to the young producer and writer Patricia. The couple gave birth to their daughter, Miranda, in 2012.  

The humour of this show sits well for audiences in many different life stages. This is a 'young family' as the marriage and child are both a few years old. Colourful careers here are juggled with the raising of a little cute kid. More serious concerns arise for the couple which needs to decide whether to have another child or not. 

Other plot lines appeal to older audiences, as Schneider experiences the realities of getting older. Health concerns get serious and public. He shows a growing expertise in organic vegan foods. Quality of life is a very relatable issue in the show.  

The best approach is to ignore the skeptical critics. Real Rob is a modern sitcom in the light of predecessors such as Seinfeld. It's relatable, autobiographical, and altogether real. 


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