Do Something

Do Something 

Purpose is a key question for many during their twenties, as much as the rest of their lives. 

Sometimes, others ask me why I do what I do. I often wonder why I do particular activities. 

My past few years saw various creative projects - studying journalism for web writing, creating commercial graphic designs, and exploring social media as a creative form. That is a lot to learn from scratch in a short amount of time. It is easy to wonder why. 

I am now 26, close to turning 27. This age is young and old all at the same time. My past endeavours were public by nature, but private by scale. I do feel philosophical by nature. My brain gravitates towards the question of, "Why." I cannot escape it. The 'why' pecks away at me until it is inescapable.

That question was a clear moment and memory when I was fresh out of school. I enrolled in a business degree, because it was something. I asked myself and acquaintances, 'Why do anything at all?' What is the point? Where is the purpose. Who benefits from it? 

Now, fast forward from 18 to 26, I am still asking the same question of 'why.' The answer is, 'Because we can.' The answer should not be about sustaining optimal success at all times. Our activities will not have clear ideal methods and meanings at all times. 

I do not always know if my creative works will be masterpieces. Chances are they may not be. I can not always tell if something will gain attention or not. 

Is that a reason to do nothing at all? I have tried doing nothing. I felt bored within a few minutes. Not everything we come up with will be revolutionary. But it will be life. 

My favourite goals have typically been creative. It is because I never felt 'normal' enough to conform into cultural norms. The thought of staring at one desk leaves me feeling empty. The concept of keeping one specialty feels stale. My inner being craves variety. It is inexplicable. It is there. 

This idea may seem foreign to those who want comfortable familiarity. Both my parents work for the government. Plenty of friends joined large organisations, to become parts of large chains of command. My inner hippie craves more. A part of me simply does not feel right in conformity. 

New creative concepts will not imply an attempt at large scale dramatic showmanship. Creativity simply feels freer. It is experimental. Something big could eventuate, but might not. That is ok. What matters is that I am doing something at all, and enjoying the process.  

I do not claim to have life figured out at 26. But I am also nowhere near the point of hiding away. My life holds more freedom, more possibility, than at any other point. It is time to live. Do something.


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