Local talent shares his story through music

Rap music is a far leap from what some segments of people listen to. Yet a story of adversity is universal. To Miles Glyphers, home felt like a prison. And music expresses those feelings in a form of storytelling.  

There is a moment in every young person's life, when it is time to push and work for what you believe in. This is Miles' moment. Australia is starting to listen to Miles Glyphers as a local worker.

Song lyrics declared in Where Do We Go, “All in all it made me feel like am finally ready to work for what I want. I feel like I got a story to tell." 

Miles embraces music as an escape. It is a place to feel in control. Everyone needs an escape.

This rap music is steady and rhythmic. The words are clearly heard for the world to understand. 

Twisted Youth is definitely a fresh untold story in the Australian culture.


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