Remember your inner child

Rediscover Your Inner Child

It is time to rediscover my inner child!

Many children keep wild imaginations. They think anything is possible. The world is their oyster.

Then we grow up.

We are told we can't do something. We worry about statistics and probabilities.

But life should not be all seriousness. No matter how old we are, life should be lived. 

This photograph was taken of me shortly after the 25th Reunion of The Seekers. I was obsessed. I wanted to be Judith. There is only one Judith Durham. She inspired me.

Judith Durham AO commanded an audience. She was brave and bold, despite her rather tiny frame. This little person had a big personality. She sang the words every child-at-heart needs to hear.

Keep a dream in your pocket and a song in your heart...

Well imagine if Columbus had not dreamt the world was round, 
And Armstrong had not walked upon the moon,  
If John and Paul never wrote a song for "Yesterday,"
If all of them had given up too soon.

These encouraging lyrics were written by Bruce Woodley AO, and performed by The Seekers. The words were an inspirational message to grow up with.  

Anything is possible. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Everything is worth an attempt. Adventure might make us fall off the horse. But all we can do is get back on again. You never know what possibilities are beyond the horizon.  

I am incredibly grateful to have grown up listening to recordings of The Seekers.

This optimism should continue thriving. I need to keep believing anything is possible. It is better than living in fear. Be courageous. Be faithful. Be brave. Do anything.


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