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A new mentor shared important advice on combatting writer's block. One technique is to write wherever you can. 

Perhaps you are not feeling the inspiration when sitting at a desk. That's why a portable device, or good old pen and paper, can be great for jotting down thoughts on the go. There is no reason why ideas should appear during structured sessions. Mixing it up can sometimes be the way to go.

Laptops are the obvious answer for mobile projects. If you are only writing text, and not making heavy graphics, then a little netbook or mini laptop can be fine. Perhaps you like making pretty pictures as much as writing. Then a strong Macbook or high spec PC can help. Use what feels comfortable for your own purpose. 

Notebooks are not the only way to tap away on a keyboard, when moving around. Tablets are ok for simple text documents. A keyboard can be attached for convenience. There are surely many ways to sit down for a writing session in any place.

Real writing addicts can keep going even when walking down the street. Keep Google Docs installed on your smart phone. Jot down dot points or fun phrases. It's a great boredom buster, for moments like waiting in a queue. Get your mind active. Write at the right times.

Old fashioned pens and paper can also be useful alternatives for continuous writing habits. There are definite up sides to books and loose sheets of stationary. Mobile internet coverage does not survive in all places. There is nothing more frustrating than relying on a mobile reception that does not exist. Then laptop batteries can run out before there is time to reach a wall powerpoint. Stationary can be the good old faithful at times.

Part of content creation is preparation. Every professional needs to bring all the necessary tools at all times. A modern writer's tool box includes document apps on the phone, a light but powerful laptop, and traditional paper as backup. Next time that brilliant idea starts floating around in your head, make sure you can catch it and keep it. 


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