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There are some great books by Aspies, and for Aspies. Some of these are in my recent iBooks shelf. Others have sat on my actual book shelf for years. Here they are:  

This is a how-to guide for talking to people. It is written as a set of rules or commandments. Aspies think in rules. But the most important rule is that there are always exceptions to the rules.   

My superhero, Temple Grandin, has taught me so much. I once spoke to her, with a microphone, in front of an audience in Epping. I said, "Temple Grandin, I would like you to please help me to choose a career." Temple's biggest lesson to me was to focus on something else. Autism is a side-project for her. She has enough balance to focus on leading projects for animals.  

Rudy realised that a lot of Aspies struggled to succeed in their careers. They were often under-employed or unemployed. These Aspies may have had the technical skills, but not the 'soft' skills. Rudy blogs and speaks. She has outlined the adjustments or skills Aspies need to succeed. Rudy reminds readers that Aspies do need to adjust to the world, as much as the world should be understanding and accommodating. There is a balance. 

This autobiography is a best seller. What a great success story. This socially awkward individual worked with the band Kiss. Because, why not? He now advocates to the media, even in Australia through Random House Books.   

All these authors are public speakers. This is extraordinary since they are not comfortable in conversation. Their speeches are informative and inspiring. These books are detailed guides for those who are 'pretending to be normal.' 


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